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Our mission
“Providing a high-speed, reliable and scalable web hosting service for individuals and small and medium businesses that is easy and affordable regardless of the size of your website with the best service and support.”

Who we are
Alja Cloud is a technology company that provides web hosting services, website design and many other services to small and medium-sized companies. We are experts in technology and provide a range of solutions for the digital space.
We help entrepreneurs take their first steps online, expanding the business owners, businesses and partners that help them succeed. Whether it is creating an online presence by securing a domain, building a website, or moving back office operations to the cloud, our amazing team is always striving to deliver.
We always focus on reliability and security in all of our services. Our data center network provides optimal performance and geographic redundancy. We rely on a powerful combination of the latest technology, strong privacy policies, and tight data security.
Customer support at every level through a single point of contact at no additional cost.
You deserve nothing less than the latest technology at a great price and in easy to understand terms. The best contract is flexible and does not require a team of legal experts, so we have tried to make our product offering and pricing as transparent as possible.
Helping you achieve success online is our earnings and our goal is to ensure you have time for other, more important things.

We guarantee you
An answer to all your questions
Your personal advisor will help you get the best out of all AljaCloud services and will assist you with any questions or problems you may have. We offer this exclusive service completely free of charge.
Everything you need to get started online
We provide everything you need to appear professional on the Internet and to communicate reliably with your clients and business partners.

Why choose us
One reliable partner
We offer the latest technology with an emphasis on reliability.
Security and safety first
AljaCloud certified data centers provide data security, best performance and geographic availability.
strong products
From simple domains to best-in-class cloud infrastructure We deliver powerful products designed around your needs.
personal advisor
A dedicated personal advisor will be there to support you on your journey whenever you need it.
Support all days of the week
The support team is always there to provide assistance via phone, email or chat.
knowledge bases
Find answers to frequently asked questions, browse our guides, or just learn what your products can do.
Justice and transparency
There are no hidden fees! All product, package and price information are shown on screen before ordering.
Complete flexibility
Complete flexibility with the terms of the contract. Upgrade / downgrade at any time to suit your personal needs.

Best hosting

Why choose us

99.9% uptime guarantee

Safe and secure

Our dedicated support


Best Support

We are always available to provide the best assistance and solutions to all your problems

Maximum protection

We implement security measures that keep us incredibly safe.